Private Equity and Venture Capital Investments

Caladan Capital continues to hold a portfolio of legacy investments from Insight Equity, as well as new investments from Caladan Capital. Those investments include, but are not limited to:

Industrial Private Equity:

Precision Holdings / Midstate Machine: Precision metal machining primarily for military and commercial jet engine products as well as turbine-power generation equipment.

Virtex: A contract manufacturer of electronic components or finished goods for the defense, aerospace, and specialty industrial customers across eight locations in the US and Mexico.

CSAT Industries: The largest provider of contract warranty repair services for Apple laptop products as well as for Dell, Lenovo, HP, and certain medical products.

LDX Solutions: An industrial pollution control designer, manufacturer, and systems integrator across a variety of industries including paper, pulp, wood pellet, steel, manufacturing, and other industries.

Emerald Transformers: Commercial and residential electrical power transformer decommissioning, repair, and sales.

Panolam Surface Systems: A manufacturer and distributor of a variety of commercial surface systems primarily used for high-durability retail or commercial settings.

Eddy Foods: Packages primarily beef and pork products for a variety of retail clients across the United States, based in southern Texas.

Easy Way Products: Builder and distributor of high-end outdoor furniture cushions primarily for Restoration Hardware with the majority of production occurring in Mexico.

Clearly Clean: Manufacturers premium, highly recyclable PET food trays for mass-market and specialty retailers as an alternative to conventional Styrofoam.

Venture Capital:

Caladan Oceanic: A marine technology company focused on developing and deploying systems for ultra-deep water exploration.

Colossal Biosciences: An innovative company leading the efforts to “de-extinct” species such as the Woolly Mammoth and Dodo Bird through the use of novel genetic and other synthetic biology tools.

Caladan Therapeutics: A firm dedicated to discovering genetic-based cures for incurable diseases that avoid immune responses by maintaining a latent presence in the human nervous system.

Special Situations:

Caladan Capital Trading: Provides highly liquid capital for short-term trading opportunities in the worldwide capital markets.